From the period when the Welbeck Group emerged as musical heavyweights on the UK music scene, some years ago now, they have been approached by mixers, DJs, and artists to ask for permission to remix their tracks.

Danny Welbeck, chief spokesman for the band, has always been very wary of getting involved in this area. He is on record as saying that the band take so much time to craft their songs, that it would be “sacrilege” to allow it to be, as Danny says, “stretched, cut, ripped, holed and bastardized”. Consequently there have been no official remixes of the Welbeck Group’s prodigious output.

Robby Welbeck, the bassist and synthesist of the Welbeck Group, is much more well disposed towards having some of their songs remixed. In fact he’s so keen he even has a short-list of people he would like to approach to do a project of the Welbeck Group.  I tracked Robby down at his extended estate near herne Bay, Kent, England.

I asked him  about his short list of potantial re-mixers and how likely it was that theproject would get off the ground.

“I know Danny is not keen at all, but I think I can work on him! It’s just a question of how sensitive the treatment of the songs will be. Danny feels as though the songs we recorded on our albums and singles in the past are pristine unassailable works of music art. I see them as works of musical art, sure, but feel they can stand side-by-side with some adventurous remixed versions.”

“The first person I’d like to get to do some remixing of our songs is Mark Ronson. The guy is a genius. I particularly like his brass work. He transformed “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse and really upscales other medicore songs until they sparkle. He also brought alive and revitalised the Lilly Allen track on his last album. I think I’d like to give hima  couple of the Welbeck group songs, and just leave him to it: No advice, no suggestions, no caveats or areas that he couldn’t venture into. Wide upon Mark!”

“I’d also like to have one song heavied up, and have it remixed by Rammstein. Madness you might think? But they are an extremely talented band. I’d like to take on of out tracks, “Phoenix” remixed by Till Lindemann (the Rammstein singer) and the guitarist, Richard Z Kruspe, who has a tremendous solo album out a few years ago under the band name “Emigrate”

“Finally I’d go for Velvet Acid Christ (Brian Erikson) or Funker Vogt to synth-up a couple of tracks. Maybe even play around with a couple of my solo tracks.”

Whether this actually comes about is a matter of debate. With Danny Welbeck firmly holding the reins of the career of the Welbeck group, I think it unlikely Robby will be able to pull this off.  But we’ll see..

Funker Vogt