There were rumours flying about last weekend regarding a possible reunion for the Welbeck Group. The influential group, who started their career in the pubs and clubs around the South Coast, and hailed from Herne Bay, were being tight-lipped.

But I did manage to coerce a former roadie for the Welbeck Group and friend of Danny to give me some nuggets of information. He told me he wanted to keep his name quiet, and gave me the code name “Leon”… which as you will see later, may be a bit of a give-away!

He said that because of the reasonable passage of time between the Welbeck Group’s last performance and their (at the time) acrimonious split, there was a spirit of reconciliation in the air.

Robby Welbeck as he was at the height of the Welbeck Group's success

Danny Welbeck and his younger Brother Robby Welbeck, who at one time weren’t talking, were spotted at a gig together at the O2 Brixton Academy. The gig was a semi-private one off for the Australian techno/rave rockers Pendulum. Maybe a strnge choice for the Welbeck brothers- probably more up Robby Welbeck’s street than his brother Danny’s!

O2 Brixton Academy- where Pendulum played.


It’s likely that if there is any reunion, it will only involve the Welbeck Brothers and maybe Animal Alex Taylor on drums. But when they were going strong in the 80s and 90s they were a tight band. The question remains as to who would accompany Danny on rhythm guitar and vocals. Alex Taylor has no voice to speak of any in any case, singing drummers don’t work (Phil Collins was the exception that proved the rule!).

Speculation has been rife that one of the kings of leon may be tempted to join the Welbeck Band for a tour, and maybe even an album, but  a spokesman for the Leons said that there would be “serious contractual issues” to overcome. In layman’s terms that can often come down to just a quesion of money!

With a little further probing, and a few more beers, the former Welbeck Band roadie told me that Danny had been much more interested in exploring some of Robby’s whacker ideas, including the possibility of doing an orchestral piece based on whale, porpoise, dolphin and other marine life natural sounds, blended in with synthesisers and a choir. It seems clear that any new Welbeck Band reincarnation aren’t too fussed about being successful with the public then!

Plus  =commercial suicide, but cultural enrichment!

Watch this space for more information about the possible reunion of the Welbeck Group