I have to say that of all the members of the Welbeck Group, Danny and I have the best relationship and understanding. Let’s not beat about the bush. Danny Welbeck is the reason the Welbeck Group started up, and became (and remains) successful. He is a man blooming with talent ambition and vision- particularly in his choice of manager (no no… that was a joke!). I remember our first row we had was about whether a particular venua stage was going to be suitable for the band in the late 1980’s- Danny was right- we tested the stage and it was riddled with woodworm and wouldn’t have taken the weight of the Welbeck Group’s equipment!

Unsuitable for the Welbeck Group!

It was Danny Welbeck’s passion for music, fired by Mr Brabantio, his school music teacher, that drove him to choose the music business as not just a career, but a calling. He has won a number of  music biz awards, and as you know from his short and pithy acceptance speeches, he is modest, concise, and eschews the excesses of the rock industry. His only real passion is collecting old guitars and amps- here is Danny’s Telecaster and Gibson Falcom amp from 1960 that he still uses!

1960 Fender telecaster custom sunburst

Danny Welbeck's Falcon Amp

I would actually say that in some ways, Danny Welbeck manages me, and therefore has main control of the Welbeck Group’s ventures, tours, recordings and guest appearances. If he has any ideas, he discusses them with me first, and vice-versa. We then present a united fron (some would say a dait-accompli) to the rest of the Welbeck Group. There is sometimes further discussion, even dissention, particularly from young Robby Welbeck, but it usually ends up with harmony and agreement. Danny is a very good persuader and could charm a bird out of tree. The word manipulative just doesn’t apply because he’s such a nice bloke! He will bide his time if something isn’t going his way and will come back at it later, from a different direction and with a new set of arguments.

Danny is also a shrewd businessman and we share responsibility for making sure we balance the finances and the musical direction. There’s no way either of us would want to “sell-out” to get a wad of freen-folding for something our hearts weren’t in.

An example of this is that Danny Welbeck was asked if the Welbeck Group would be interested in doing a concept album and tour based on Christian Rosencrantz and the Rosicrucian movement. Much as he is interested in spiritualism and the Order of the Rosy Cross, he didn’t want the Welbeck Group to be involved in things he found particularly personal.

The Hermetic Order of the Rosy Cross Badge

In conclusion, I sometimes think Danny Welbeck doesn’t need me to manage the Welbeck Group, I see him more as afriend and confidant, and of course we both have the best interests of the Welbeck Group at our core!