Colin Cornell has an impressive pedigree; he played in a number of bands before he met Danny and Robby Welbeck on a European tour and came across to join the Welbeck Group. He has co-written songs for some of the best-known record producers and managers, and even giving vocal coaching to one of the recent X-Factor finalists!

Colin Cornell plays piano

“I met the Welbeck brothers in an airport terminal waiting for a flight to Madrid for a music festival there. We both were passengers on board an Air Nostrum jet and chatted during the journey.  Danny impressed me as a serious musician, who wanted to be respected, and take the Welbeck Group to musical respectability among both fans and fellow musicians and composers.  He had a vision of what he wanted the Welbeck Group to achieve, bith in terms of success and musical acceptability among those that he respected.

“We chatted about the finer points of musical composition, but as the free drinks flowed, we descended into just having a laugh and joking about writing a cheesy song together. We exchanged numbers and a few weeks later I got a call from Danny asking me to help him with a song he was having difficulty with. It was one that finally appeared on the Welbeck Group’s third album, and I got co-writing credits on the sleeve. The song was called simply “Flight” and was about a love-sick troubador who was going to be separated from his girlfriend for a few months while he and his band toured Asia. I helped Danny get the chorus right, and with some of the lyrics, although he had most of those down already when he contacted me.  It was then that I wondered whether I could become a part-time member of the Welbeck Group, but of course I wasn’t going to ask Danny Welbeck. I was far too proud and didn’t want to embarrass him!”

“The next time we met was in the studio- I was asked to come in and play some keyboard on their new album…”

As we know, Colin Cornell did join the band and is now part of the famour Welbeck/Cornell songwriting team that writes songs not just for the Welbeck Group, but for other bands and singers as well.